PDFsam Visual MSI can be used to perform a silent install on Windows machines. The MSI offers a number of properties that can be used to set some application options.

Set the license key to be used. This is a system level setting, every user logging to the same machine will use this license.

Set the license key to be used. This is a user level setting, only the currently logged in user will use this license.

Default value for the output folder where resulting file will be saved.

Application language, possible values are: en, de, it, fr, es, pt.

If set to true the user won't have to accept the EULA when the application starts for the first time

If set to true the application will send automatic bug reports in case of error

MSI silent install example
msiexec /i "pdfsam-visual_4.3.0_x64.msi" /qb /norestart  LICENSE_KEY="1111-2222-3333-4444-5555" LOCALE="fr" ACCEPT_EULA=true