Compress PDF files reducing their size and selecting the overall quality. With PDFsam Visual you can select the quality and resolution of the images, reducing the overall file size and maintaining the desired image quality

Keep your PDF files safe and private. With our applications it is not necessary to upload your PDF files to any third-party service, all processing is performed locally on your computer where your files remain safe and private

How to compress your PDF files

  1. Start PDFsam Visual
  2. Select the Compress tool
  3. Drag and drop the PDF files you want to compress
  4. Select the compression settings
  5. Click Save
Reduce PDF size with PDFsam Visual

Can I compress PDF files with PDFsam Basic?

No, PDFsam Basic tries to optimize the generated PDF files and to reduce their size but you need PDFsam Visual or Enhanced to have true PDF compression

Enable PDF compression

Enabling PDF compression tells PDFsam Basic to generate output files using a PDF feature called Objects Streams where most of the PDF objects are stored in a compressed stream, usually resulting in a PDF with a smaller size.
Some of the PDFsam Basic modules like the PDF extract and the various PDF split, in some cases perform an optimization where unused resources (fonts, images) are removed from the generated PDF files.