Split your PDF files by content generating a new PDF file whenever there is a change in the text content at a specific position between pages. Whether you have a PDF file containing your employees' payslips or a collection of invoices, simply choose the section where the employee ID or invoice number is located, and PDFsam Visual will effortlessly extract individual PDF files containing each separate invoice or payslip.

How to split a PDF by text content with PDFsam Visual

  1. Drag and drop the PDF file you want to split
  2. Select the area that will trigger the split when text included in it changes
  3. Click Save
Split by text with PDFsam Visual
Automatic file naming

When splitting a PDF by text content, selecting the placeholder [TEXT] in the output settings will result in automatic naming of the output files. PDFsam Visual will use the text value that triggered the split, such as an invoice number or employee ID, and assign it as the name for the extracted file.

We value your privacy

Your PDF files are processed locally and never leave your computer. They are not uploaded to any server, keeping them away from prying eyes.

Reduce manual error

Splitting PDF files manually carries the risk of human error, such as selecting the wrong pages or missing the exact point where the text changes. PDFsam Visual addresses this challenge by providing automatic detection of text changes to set the split points accurately.

Flexible settings

With parameters such as "starts with" or "ends with", our application offers flexible settings that allow users to define specific criteria for triggering the split points.

We can handle it

PDFsam Visual can handle big PDF files, encrypted PDF files and even corrupted PDF files.

Supports all major platforms

PDFsam Visual works on all major operating systems, including Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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