• Forms have been completely revamped
  • Cloud was added to the Shape menu in the Review tab
  • Draw Cloud was added to the Review tab, providing the ability to customize a cloud’s shape and size by setting its perimeter
  • Rotate option was added to all Shapes and can be accessed by a rollover on the shape’s bounding box
  • Ability to Merge documents from the desktop via the right-click menu
  • The Bookmark panel can now add a functional Bookmark without having to use Add Actions. Bookmark destination can also be updated via right-clicking a bookmark and choosing ‘Set current as destination’
  • Improved Thumbnail option enables rollovers on Bookmarks & Links from Bookmarks & Links panels to display the page they reference. The option can be enabled/disabled using Generate Thumbnails from General Settings menu
  • The Comment panel now has only one level of replies. When a reply is made, the author is identified by @UserName, which appears at the top of the reply
  • CTRL & SHIFT buttons for Stamp, Shape and Signature field are now functional when inserting the shape for the first time (you could previously constrain the proportions only once the shape was inserted)