The alternate mix module can take two ore more PDF files and merge them taking pages alternately from each input file, in straight or reverse order. The perfect match for your single-sided scans

Download and install

Download the PDFsam Basic package for your operating system from the download page and install it

Download PDFsam Basic
Select PDF files

Drag and drop the PDF files you want to mix or click Add to add files. Tell PDFsam Basic to take pages in reverse order by selecting Reverse and set how many pages PDFsam Basic should take from one file before it switches to the next one by changing the value in the Pace column.
You can mix only part of the selected PDF files, double click on the Page ranges cell and specify the pages or page ranges you want to mix. Pages can be specified in the form of comma separated page ranges like 2-13,17 if you want pages from 2 to 13 and page 17. You can use the syntax 20- if you want pages from page 20 to the end of the file.

PDF selection table
Encrypted files

Encrypted PDF files show a icon on their left. You can merge them clicking on the lock icon and supplying the unlock password.

password field
Destination folder

Choose the location of the resulting PDF files.

Destination directory field
Customize file names

Special keywords can be used as placeholders in the output file names and be replaced with dynamic values during the execution. An example can be [FILENUMBER] to add an increasing counter value to the file name or [TIMESTAMP] to add the current timestamp to the file name. Right click on the field to find all the available keywords.

filename prefix field
Mix PDF files

Once all the options are properly set, click Run to start the execution. If no error occurs, the progress bar will grow until it is fully colored and a friendly ding sound will tell you that your PDF files are ready.

Run button