Special keywords can be used as placeholders in the output file names, to be replaced with dynamic values during the execution. The set of available keywords depends on the module you are using. Type [ in the text field Customize result names and a popup with all the available keywords will appear. All the keywords available in PDFsam Basic are also available in PDFsam Visual.

How to use keywords replacement with PDFsam Visual

Additional keywords available in PDFsam Visual

Keyword available for the Split by text tool and replaced with the text identified by the tool.
Keyword available for the Extract images tool and replaced with the name of the image stored in the document resource dictionary.

Keywords transformations

Some simple text transformations are available for these keywords.

Convert text to uppercase.

If TEXT is banana, [TEXT | upper] generates BANANA.pdf

Convert text to lowercase.

If TEXT is BANANA, [TEXT | lower] generates banana.pdf

Convert text to its capitalized version.

If TEXT is bAnANa, [TEXT | capitalize] generates Banana.pdf

Replace a string with another.

If TEXT is my_banana, [TEXT | replace('banana', 'mango')] generates my_mango.pdf

Composed transformations

Keywords transformations can be composed and applied sequentially.

If TEXT is MY_BanANa, [TEXT | lower | replace('banana', 'mango')] generates my_mango.pdf