Mac OS X “PDFsam is damaged and can’t be opened”

Hi Mac users,
some of you reported the “PDFsam is damaged and can’t be opened” error when trying to install the PDF Split And Merge dmg package. After some investigation and users feedback I can finally write what is causing that. The issue is caused by a new feature of Mountain Lion and OS X Lion v10.7.5, called Gatekeeper which “help protect your Mac from malware and misbehaving apps downloaded from the Internet”. It does that by preventing you from launching apps that are not downloaded from the Mac App Store which is “The safest and most reliable place to download and install apps”. Now, assuming you still want to install PDF Split And Merge even if you didn’t download it from the “safest and most reliable place”, what can you do? As sorice pointed out you have to:

  • Open Gatekeeper settings located in “System Preferences > Security & Privacy”
  • Set “Allow applications downloaded from:” to “Anywhere” and confirm by pressing “Allow From Anywhere”
  • Launch Pdf Split And Merge
  • Once PDF Split And Merge is successfully launched, you can set back Gatekeeper option to whatever you want

Some more information can be found here

Wiki HowTo

Hi everybody,
I just want to remind you that you can use the Wiki as a valuable source of information about pdfsam where may HowTos can be found.

Back on PDFsam

Hi everybody,
I finally found an apartment in Amsterdam (now I’ve to find a job) and I can work again on PDFsam. A new version will be probably released soon.

Unavailable for a while

Hi everybody,
tomorrow I’ll move to Amsterdam. I’ll relocate there with my girlfriend and I probably won’t be able to take care of PDFsam for a while. You can post on the forums if you have troubles but answers will probably come a little late.

Wish me good luck

Cannot find javaw.exe

Windows only.
If, when you double click the pdfsam.exe, an error window shows the message “Cannot find javaw.exe”, it means that it cannot find a working Java installation. To solve this problem try installing (or reinstalling) a working Java Runtime Environment (1.4.2 or above). It can be found here .