New release

this week end I’ll release new versions of PDFsam with some bug fixes and an updated language pack.
I’ll also post soon some screenshot of the new modules I’m working on, just to show that I’m still working hard on PDFsam.

There’s a new review about PDFsam if you are interested, here is the link:
Make use of logo


Thank you to Raphael who sent me the article from Linux Pratique.
To all the other users, if you have some magazine talking of PDFsam please send me the article in pdf format. I’m not going to make money with PDFsam but at least I’ll have something to be proud of showing these papers to my kids 🙂
Thank you

Article on Linux Pratique

Hi to all the french users
I found an article about PDFsam on Linux Pratique January-February. I’m very proud to know that even magazines are talking about PDFsam, unfortunately I can’t find French magazines here in Italy.
So my question is… is there any French PDFsam user who could kindly send me the article? A scanned version or the two pages by mail?
Thank you very much 🙂