Hi guys,
I just published a free and super simple tool for Android devices to merge pdf documents. It doesn’t have may options, just the three steps select/sort/merge but it does the job on your smartphone or tablet. It’s powered by Sejda and PDFBox and it’s available on Google Play and on Amazon.
You can find more info here.

Any feedback is always welcome… as long as it’s a good one 😀

8 Replies to “Pdf Merge for Android”
  1. Thanks for this great program for android, it works simple and good.
    I’m can now put a lot of musicsheets in to one file and swipe trough it.
    I will recamend it to my music friends.

    with kind regards

  2. Hi,
    Could you please generate pdfsam for ipad? I am searching for an App wich is able to automatically sort PDF Pages like pdfsam does…

    Kind regards


  3. I second the motion for a version of PDFSAM for iOS. This would have come in handy on my iPhone just now, and I’m willing to either pay or get it for free 😉

  4. Its so easy to merge
    So nic app
    Simply we can merge documents
    Its merging files very quickly n fast
    Thank you for all contributors to provide this app

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